Pecos Valley Boers

Selecting goats to improve your herd isn't always the easiest thing to do, so many breeders and so many goats to choose from.  Taking the time to go visit Blue Top Farms to learn about the animals has been one of the best investments I made for Pecos Valley Boers thus far.  I had been looking for an impact buck that could move my herd forward in the industry and the purchase of BLUE TOP FARM DARK MOON made that possible.  Since the arrival of DARK MOON, I have greatly increased the quality of kids produced with bone and struture while maintaining it throughout the growth stages.  His Blue Top genetic package will continue to influence my herd here in New Mexico for many years to come!


Jesse Trujillo

Roswell, NM



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A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to raise some boer goats, just for something to do with the kids. Wow how things have changed since I met Gerald and Betty Peterson. I called Blue Top Farms and spoke with Gerald just to get a few questions answered. I felt a strong bond right away. Our next conversation ended up walking thru hundreds of boer goats where Gerald was very patient with this greenhorn. I had lots of questions and they answered every single one ofthem. That day I bought 3 Nannie goats. I eventually bought a buck from them to start my breeding operation. They took me by the hand and taught me everything I know about raising and showing boer goats. Not only is Gerald and Miss Betty (as I call her now) family too me now, they produce some of the best boer goats in the nation. If your looking to start a herd or just simply add some massive bloodlines to your existing herd, don't hesitate to give them a call.

Love yall

Wes Henry
Fancy 5H Farms

Bowie, TX